Upgrades and Waitlists


Don’t see the room you were looking for? Is the deck, floor or category you were hoping to book sold out or currently unavailable? No worries! We got you boo!

With our online, 24/7 reservation system, OUTbound bookings are made on a first come, first served basis. Sometimes that results in a certain category or block of rooms selling out quickly. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on your first choice.

OUTbound offers both upgrade options and waitlists for room categories that are currently sold out.

If the room you had your heart set on isn’t available, we suggest booking your second option, then contacting one of our OUTbounders to request being added to our upgrade waitlist. Email info@iamOUTbound.com and provide your full name and current reservation number to ensure you’ll be properly registered on our waitlist. Our waitlists are prioritized in order of request, per category, per trip.

If the room you’ve requested to be waitlisted for becomes available, and your name reaches the top of the list for that category, we’ll contact you and see if you’re still interested. If so, one of our OUTbound Agents will assist you with upgrading your current reservation. Your new future payments (or additional deposit, if any) will be calculated at that time and you will be sent a new reservation confirmation, but you’ll keep your current reservation number. Upgrades made within 90-days of the program start date are subject to upgrade charges.

If you prefer to wait it out and see if a room in the category you want becomes available without making a reservation for your second choice, that works too. Just understand that our waitlists are prioritized with currently booked guests first, then requests made without having a current reservation will be taken after all names on the waitlist holding bookings has been cleared.

Wait Lists For Sold Out Trips

Our OUTbound adventures go fast, meaning that sometimes our trips sell out. If this is the case and you missed out, there’s still hope. We will start a general waitlist for each OUTbound trip that has sold out, prioritized with Alumni first, then any new OUTbounders looking to travel with us next. Once we have completed our upgrade request waitlist for any given trip, we’ll being working our way through the general waitlist for that specific OUTbound adventure, starting at the top and contacting each waitlisted guest until no more rooms are available or the ship has sailed, so to speak.

If you were waitlisted but space wasn’t available and you did not make the trip, our OUTbound agents will contact you to see if there is another further experience you would be interested in sharing with us. One way or another, we want to see you OUTbound!

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