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Meet Your OUTbounders!!!

We are excited to introduce our team of OUTbounders, people who believe the only thing better than exploring the world is exploring it together with our fellow LGBTQ+ adventurers. Our OUTbound team all share the love of travel and a sense of community, so what better way to fulfill a life’s dream than to create an LGBTQ+ travel company that combines our passions.

We are one team with a single goal… you, your enjoyment, the memories we’ll make and the experiences we’ll share, together. We look to you, our guests… our partners, to help us enrich the adventures we create with your laughter, your spirit and your support. There would be no OUTbound without our OUTbounders.

Jonathan Bennett

Actor, author, producer, activist and host, Jonathan has added another title to his list of accomplishments as one of the owners of OUTbound. With his entertainment reputation well established, Jonathan is setting his sights on his other passion… travel. Newlywed Jonathan has always had a desire to see the world, but his busy schedule made traveling a challenge. The solution was easy… make travel a part of his professional career. Now Jonathan gets to adventure out and see the world with our fellow OUTbounders, connecting with fans and like-minded travelers all over the globe as he’s never been able to before! Follow Jonathan on Insta @jonathandbennett

Jaymes Vaughan

After finishing in second place on CBS’s Amazing Race, Jaymes had always wanted to get back out into the world, this time at a slower pace. OUTbound gives him that opportunity, along with a chance to share his passion for travel with his husband Jonathan. Together, the pair are building a company that will allow fellow LGBTQ+ travelers to head OUTbound, see the world and share adventures. Memories and moments are what count most to Jaymes, and it is memories and moments he’s most looking forward to sharing with all those who travel OUTbound with us. Follow Jaymes on Insta @jaymesv

Kailee Sisson

Since her first trip overseas, Kailee has been passionate about experiencing different cultures. From food and fashion to history and culture, Kailee has a love of learning as much as she can about people from different parts of the world. She is amazed seeing how connected we all really are as humans, and how the adventure of travel reveals that people from different countries and backgrounds have more in common than things which separate us. Kailee is fueled by her strong desire to create a community in which to explore the world together, which is why she is so passionate about OUTbound. Follow Kailee on Insta @kaileesisson

Eric Hodgson

Eric has been to 93 countries and counting, qualifying him as an LGBTQ+ travel expert of the highest order. You’ll find Eric gets as excited telling you about places he’s been as he does when talking about places he has yet to visit. To Eric, sharing a favorite city or spot with a first time visitor is like seeing it all over again for the first time through new eyes. All our OUTbound guests benefit from Eric’s experience, expertise and enthusiasm. He’s key to selecting our trips, choosing each tour, and tailoring each itinerary for our LGBTQ+ community. Follow Eric on Insta @outbound.eric

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