Picture Privacy Policy

OUTbound Picture & Video Privacy Consideration

We know not all OUTbounders are “OUT”. Your inclusion and freedom on any of our trips shouldn’t impact how you choose to live your life at home from day-to-day in the “real” world.

Part of the joy of being OUTbound is being yourself. Laughing the way you chose to. Dancing the way you want to. Dressing the way you dare to. We like to think of an OUTbound experience as our chance to create our own little bubble, a world within a world where we get to set the rules and leave all expectations, prejudices and fears at home.

We want to respect who you choose to be at home, as much as we want to celebrate who you get to be when traveling OUTbound with us.

Having said that, you should be aware that there will be photographers and camera crews on our trips taking pictures and making videos for our own promotional use. To help us respect your privacy, we will issue you a RED LANYARD upon request, to identify you to our photographers as someone who would prefer not to be included in our pictures or videos. Our team will be happy to take reasonable steps to avoid filming or photographing you while wearing a red lanyard.

If your inclusion cannot be avoided at the time of filming, our editors will be taking a second look at any images captured during our trips which will be used in our promotional materials. We will do our best to avoid using the images of any OUTbounder wearing a red lanyard for publicity or promotional pictures or videos, but we are unable to guarantee that you will not be included on an incidental basis or in large group images.

Wearing a red lanyard will also communicate to our fellow OUTbounders your preference not to be photographed, although OUTbound cannot guarantee that you won’t be included in personal pictures or videos taken while onboard any of our trips. Our Picture Privacy Policy is just another way OUTbound will be there for our guests… even long after you’ve disembarked from our ship or left the resort. We’ve always got your back!

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