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Mekong River Cruise & the Angkor Temples

Trip Highlights

  • Three full days exploring the Angkor Temples!
  • Overnight in Ho Chi Minh City!
  • Full day in Phnom Penh!

Trip Snapshot

From vibrant cities to charming riverside communities, there is something to captivate and excite you every day while cruising the Mekong River.  Embark OUTbound on an unforgettable journey along Asia’s most legendary river.

Ho Chi Minh City

Still known as Saigon and “The Pearl of the Far East”, Ho Chi Minh City contains a splendid array of monuments and landmarks from the French colonial era. Ho Chi Minh City came to life during the French colonial era in the late 19th century when builders constructed wide boulevards, old-style Parisian buildings and spectacular cathedrals such as the Notre Dame. The influences also go well beyond architecture as the city boasts plenty of fine dining options, cafés and boutiques that capture a distinctly European essence.

My Tho & Vinh Long

Cruise OUTbound through the famed Cho Gao Canal into the Mekong Delta. Board the Indochine II, which is the most romantic cruise liner in the region, evoking the opulent vessels of British India. Practice Tai Chi on the Sun Deck as we sail the swirling waters and pass houses poised on high stilts, a centuries-old tradition in this part of the region. Stop by colorful local markets, and dine on sumptuous local cuisine.

Sa Đéc

Savor morning tea as we sail further up the Mekong. In Sa Đéc, board a sampan to visit local cottage industries and a traditional Vietnamese house. Immerse yourself in this historic town and interact with the sellers in the lively market. Visit the home of Huynh Thuy Le, who inspired Marguerite Duras’ novel “L’Amant”.


Châu Đoc

Stroll through the local markets and absorb the atmosphere as locals buy and sell fish and produce. Embark on a journey down the backwaters of the Mekong, seeing traditional floating homes, religious sites and a market selling dried goods that are integral to the local way of life.

Phnom Penh

The capital city of Phnom Penh is incredibly charismatic and increasingly sophisticated, with a growing reputation as a destination for luxury travelers. Historic buildings such as the art deco Central Market and the glittering Royal Palace stand alongside ever-rising skyscrapers. It is this contrast that makes Phnom Penh endlessly engaging for visitors. Luxury travelers will feel at home with the city’s assortment of world-class dining, while also being intrigued by the colorful riverfront markets and the iconic French quarter. Beautiful pagodas and stupas (moundlike or hemispherical structures containing relics that are used as a place of meditation) stand out all over the city.

Koh Chen

It can be said that the soul of Koh Chen Village is clay and silver craft items. Here, we’ll be welcomed by the locals into their homes, which also serve as workshops. You’ll see the process of shaping the bronze or silver and the molding of clay. We’ll also gaze in wonder at their artistry of engraving before continuing our OUTbound adventure.

Kampong Chhnang

Explore this community village set along the shores of the Tonlé Sap Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia and the wellspring of Cambodian life. Tonlé Sap Lake is responsible for supplying fish and feeding the extensive rice fields in Cambodia’s vast low-lying plains. A visit to villages in the Mekong basin, with its people still immersed in age-old practices and crafts such as silk weaving, is like stepping back in time.

Angkor Wat

Regarded as the largest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat (translating to “City of Temples”) is the most significant relic from the ancient Khmer empire. Constructed in the early 12th century, Angkor Wat was forgotten and nearly reclaimed by nature centuries after the decline of the Khmer empire, only to be rediscovered in 1861. Originally built as a Hindu temple, the ruins of Angkor grew over the centuries to eventually stretch more than 248 square miles.

Beng Mealea

Beng Mealea, known as the Jungle Temple, provides a fantastic opportunity to experience an Angkor temple as it would have been hundreds of years ago. The complex is largely unrestored, with its walls and towers broken apart by giant twisting tree roots and jungle vines. While a wooden walkway guides visitors through the ruins, more able OUTbounders can tomb raid through rubble-filled corridors and make their own archaeological discoveries.

Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom was the last capital of the Angkor empire and is famous for its “face-towers” at its city gates and at the the central Bayon temple. They became emblematic of Angkor and the ancient Khmer culture. Angkor Thom is home to many great archaeological sites including the Royal Palace, the Phimeanakas, the Elephant Terrace, Victory Square, and the Leper King terrace walls.






Join us on the most adventurous OUTbound event yet! Live out all your wildest “Indiana Jones” fantasies as we journey to Southeast Asia and explore the ancient temples of lost civilizations. Explore the complex of Angkor Wat. Behold the haunting beauty of Ta Prohm, where jungle vines embrace ancient ruins. Shop Old Saigon’s markets. Discover Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s busy capital and its ornate Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and National Museum. Journey to silk towns, fishing villages, monasteries and floating markets. This OUTbound adventure reveals the beauty and grace of a land few have been lucky enough to experience for themselves… until now!

Day 1 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Welcome to Southeast Asia! Head for our ship to drop off your luggage and meet your hosts, then choose to relax up on the Sun Deck or head OUTbound! Spend the rest of your first day at leisure, getting acquainted with Ho Chi Minh City at your own pace, taking in some of the historic French colonial architecture, or soaking up some of the city’s youthful energy. Order an iced coffee from a sidewalk vendor or small café. First introduced by the French in the 1800s, coffee is an integral part of the economy and culture. Vietnam is now the second-largest coffee producer in the world. The legendary ca phe sua da (iced coffee with condensed milk) is thick, sweet, and strong as hell!

Then head back to our ship for our welcome aboard party.

Day 2 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, commonly known by its previous name, Saigon, is the most populous and largest city of Vietnam. Get OUTbound and start exploring! Walking around Saigon is the most rewarding, most immersive means of travel. Take a stroll along Dong Khoi Street, the main shopping boulevard in the old colonial heart. See the grand City Hall and the old Opera House with its soaring arched entryway. Try one of the many restaurants of Vo Van Tan Street or Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, while occasionally diving into the countless alleyways that connect the two. Pho (noodle soup) has found a global following, and you’ll find the best bowl of your life in Saigon. Complete your OUTbound adventure at the Ben Thành Market before returning to our ship for one final night in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh Excursion

After breakfast, we’ll begin our tour of the city to see the Reunification Palace, Notre-Dame Basilica and the Saigon Central Post, with charming colonial architecture and ornate decorations. Next, we’ll head to Cholon, the Chinese-influenced section of the city, to tour its hectic market and the Thien Hau temple. The rest of our afternoon is free to explore the city’s neighborhoods or do a bit of last-minute shopping at the local markets.

Day 3 – My Tho & Vinh Long, Vietnam

This morning we’re OUTbound on the Mekong as we begin our cruise, sailing first through the Cho Gao Canal. A thriving trade route for six different countries over thousands of years, the Mekong River remains one of the few big rivers in the world that refuses to be spoiled by modernization. The Greater Mekong region holds irreplaceable riches, ranging from rare wildlife in spectacular natural landscapes to communities with distinct cultural heritages. The vast region contains some of the most biologically diverse habitats in the world, teeming with wildlife and lined with everything from small towns to the stunning Angkor Wat temple complex, the Mekong’s many twists and turns have helped it retain its wild character.

My Tho Excursion

During our passage through the Cho Gao Canal you’ll discover daily life in Vietnam, organized around fishing, farming and transportation. In Mỹ Tho, we’ll visit a bee farm and enjoy some honey tea and exotic fruit before taking a ride in small sampans (local wooden boats) along the canal lined with mangrove palms before retuning to our ship for lunch.

Vinh Long Excursion

After lunch onboard, we’ll visit Vĩnh Long, a major transit hub along the Mekong and known as an eco-tourist destination. Here we’ll see the Cai Be Floating Market, discover a brick and pottery factory, and get a close up look at how puffed riced, rice-paper, and rice alcohol are made, and how each contributes to the economy of Vietnam.

Day 4 – Sa Đéc, Vietnam

A small, sleepy town, Sa Đéc was the original setting of the novel “The Lover” by Marguerite Duras. This romantic and charming little town still isn’t very touristy, but it’s a true hidden gem along the Mekong Delta. There’s a busy market near the river and plenty of architecture from the colonial period, as well as numerous old mansions and merchant homes. The riverside road makes for a fantastic OUTbound stroll with its cafés, market stalls and old French church in the background.

Sa Đéc Excursion

Visit the former house of Huynh Thuy Le, the subject of Marguerite Duras’ book “The Lover”. Later we’ll take a tour of this peaceful city, passing tree-lined streets, fading colonial villas, and vibrant flower markets. Lining the waterways are countless nurseries you can visit while you enjoy some free time on your own in this charming town.

Day 5 – Châu Đoc, Vietnam

Châu Đốc is situated where the Bassac and Mekong Rivers converge. Home to the sacred Ba Chua Xu Temple pilgrimage site, Châu Đốc is also known for its beautiful scenery, cultural diversity, and a thriving economy. Visitors will be captivated by Sam Mountain and the Tinh Bien International Border Gate, which leads to Cambodia. Experience a floating fish farm by wooden sampan, or take a walk to see various methods of traditional Vietnamese farming and daily activities of the local people firsthand.

Châu Đoc Excursion

Join us for a guided tour of Bà Chúa Xứ Temple and the Tay An Pagoda. We’ll then visit Sam Mountain, the highest point in the region which affords stunning views of the lush delta region below. According to legend, the mountains here are home to many spirits, so people from all over the country assemble to worship. Nearly 200 temples, pagodas, and hermitages are scattered from the foot of the mountain to its peak. After our tour we’ll return to our ship and sail OUTbound for Cambodia.

Day 6 – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Welcome to Cambodia, and the capitol city of Phnom Penh. Explore the historic riverfront area with its restaurants, art galleries and silk shops, or visit the distinctive Central Market to shop for jewelry, curios, or locally made garments. You might visit a few of the city’s ‘wats’ (monastery temples), either Wat Langka, Wat Botum, Wat Koh or Wat Ounalom, each with its own special character and purpose. The bustling capital offers extensive cultural and historical attractions, including the Royal Palace, a “can’t miss” OUTbound experience.

Phnom Penh Excursion

Enjoy a tour of the fabulous Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda, which is inlaid with more than 5,000 silver tiles. Next up is a visit to the National Museum of Cambodia. We’ll have lunch in the city and free time at the market on your own afterwards before returning to the ship to enjoy a performance of classical Khmer dancing and music. We’ll have dinner onboard and remain in port overnight. The rest of the evening is yours to do as you please.

Day 7 – Koh Chen & Kampong Tralach, Cambodia

The silversmith craft village of Koh Chen is located on an island in the Tonlé Sap Lake. The first thing you’ll notice is the big Buddha statue sitting peacefully near the river bank, and just beyond is a temple roof built in Khmer style, covered with stunning yellow tiles. Friendly people, idyllic landscape and the items decorated with meticulous engraving leave a deep impression on visitors to Koh Chen. In Kampong Tralach, take a fascinating OUTbound journey in a traditional wooden cart pulled by two oxen to the nearby village, like the locals do!

Koh Chen Excursion

Join us as we explore this small village where craftspeople specialize in silver and copper work. You’ll see the engraving process close up in the workshops of the village. A wide range of craft items include bowls, boxes and trays, as well as engraved pictures of flowers, animals and symbolic Angkor temple sites.

Kampong Tralach Excursion

We’ll visit the beautiful Vihara at the Wat Kampong Tralach Leu pagoda. Take a ride through the middle of magnificent rice fields in a traditional ox cart on our way to the village of Kampong Tralach and the pagoda beyond.

Day 8 – Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia

We’ll visit Kampong Chhnang, one of the largest fishing ports on Tonlé Sap Lake. Fish farming is abundant here. The region is also known for its traditional pottery, which combines ancient knowledge with modern techniques. The word Chhnang itself means ‘pot’ in Khmer. We’ll spend the afternoon cruising across Tonlé Sap Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. Tonight, we’ll have our final cocktail and dinner on the ship.

Kampong Chhnang Excursion

Today we’ll take a water tour where local people live a traditional life on stilted houses standing over the river. We’ll use local transportation to get to the harbor and explore the busy action along the Tonlé Sap river. During the day we’ll also enjoy a tasting of regional products from the floating villages dotting the river.

Day 9 – Siem Reap, Cambodia

We’ll spend our last morning cruising onboard our ship before disembarking and having lunch on shore. After, get your “Tomb Raider” on when we visit Angkor Wat, the epitome of Khmer architectural art and the most famous and imposing of all the monuments in Angkor. Head OUTbound on a stroll through the Angkor Night Market. Tonight we’ll check into our Siem Reap hotel, the five-star Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa.

Angkor Wat Excursion

Join us for a personal tour of Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest religious monument in the world by area. For several centuries Angkor was the center of the Khmer Kingdom, and is a major site exemplifying cultural, religious and symbolic values, as well as containing significant architectural, archaeological and artistic treasures.

Day 10 – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Today we’ll head OUTbound for Beng Mealea. Dating from the 11th century and constructed in the distinct Angkor Wat style, Beng Mealea precedes and may even have served as a ‘prototype’ for Angkor Wat. Imagine “Indiana Jones” style passageways, jungle tree vines and a temple being reclaimed by the jungle, without the crowds of some of the more well-known temples, and you’ll have a good idea what it’s like to visit here. We’ll end the day with our farewell dinner and party at the Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa.

Beng Mealea Excursion

Join us for a visit to the mysterious Beng Mealea temple, whose ruins were once literally consumed by the jungle. The temple was built in the 12th century and used the same floor plan as Angkor Wat. After lunch in the city, we’ll visit the Senteurs d’Angkor, a local business with a diverse collection of silk and carvings, as well as a superb range of traditional beauty products and spices, all made locally. We’ll also visit a silk farm to learn about the complex process of creating the luxurious fabric.

Day 11 – Siem Reap, Cambodia

We’ve saved the best for last! We’ll spend the morning exploring the fortified city of Angkor Thom, the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer Empire. Angkor Thom was established in the late 12th century by King Jayavarman VII and houses several of Angkor’s most popular attractions, such as the Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King, with their dramatic bas-reliefs.

Angkor Thom Excursion

This morning, we’ll tour Ta Prohm, a Cambodian temple dedicated to the family of Jayavarman VII. We’ll then explore Angkor Thom, strolling through the grounds of the former Royal Palace and discovering the Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King. Lunch will be served back at our hotel before we bid you farewell and leave OUTbound for home this afternoon.

Siem Reap Transfers

Direct transfers from our host hotel, the Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa, to Siem Reap International Airport (REP) are available

The Ship

Ship Specifics

  • River Boat
  • Three (3) Decks
  • 62 Passengers / 27 Staterooms / 4 Suites
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

RV Indochine II

One of the finest “premium” ships in Asia, the RV Indochine II touts amenities designed to satisfy the demand for higher-end conveyances on the Mekong River. Small and intimate, the Indochine II was built to accommodate just 62 guests, each with their own outdoor verandas that offer sweeping panoramic river views of your surroundings and the stunning landscape beyond.

The Indochine II is rich with French-colonial character, while also boasting private balconies outside each of its cabins and a roomy Sun Deck swimming pool. Its sleek exterior is low and wide with large windows throughout. The outer decks sport rich, local hardwood while the interior flooring features lovely Vietnamese Cam Xe wood. A graceful curved staircase rises from the center of the ship, and contemporary accents blend seamlessly with traditional colonial touches throughout the vessel. The RV Indochine II showcases the best of French-colonial aesthetics combined with modern European accents to create a comfy, stylish Mekong journey.

Mixed drinks, wine, beer, sodas, fruit juice, water and coffee are all included with your meals and anytime onboard.

Panoramic Lounge

The French-colonial decorated Panoramic Lounge, located at the front of the ship, provides impressive views of the passing shorelines and villages that guests will enjoy courtesy of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Intimate seating areas are decorated in dark wooden tones and muted colors that relax you as you sail toward our next destination. Located at the front of the Sun Deck, small plates and snacks will be available here throughout the day, as well as teas and coffees. Watch the endless horizons unfold as you sip your favorite drink and nibble something delicious.

Main Bar 

Located inside the Panoramic Lounge, the main bar is the place to enjoy a cocktail with friends. The saying along the Mekong is “No one makes friends drinking milk”, and despite the joke, the phrase brings an incontestable truth. OUTbounders love to celebrate around the bar, which is why it’s always good to discover new recipes while sailing this magnificent river. Colorful and refreshing regional cocktails are plentiful, while traditional drinks like beer, wine and standard spirits are always available.


Open seating is perfect for relaxed dining and socializing with your fellow OUTbounders, as you savor a wonderful variety of Asian-inspired dishes. It’s a delicious way to conclude a day of exploration, or to prepare for one of your many included excursions. And, of course, we will always provide a selection of home favorites for you to enjoy, perfect for the days you crave something more familiar. We believe food plays an important role in your travel experience, that’s why we source most of our produce locally, ensuring that every dish served is as fresh and authentic as possible. And, of course, all your mixed drinks, wine, beer and soft drinks are included with your meals and at any time while onboard.

Sun Deck

The Sun Deck is much more than the place to soak in the pool, savor a cocktail or catch some rays. It’s also the perfect way to spend your afternoon enjoying a panoramic view of the magnificent landscapes. The Sun Deck on the RV Indochine II is ringed by comfortable, cushion-topped lounges with a shallow pool situated near the Sun Deck bar, midship.

A gorgeous outdoor living area also has a huge canopy near the rear of the ship, perfect for OUTbounders who prefer a little shade mixed in with their fun in the sun. And you’re never far from a place to grab a drink with the fully stocked Sun Deck Bar. Outdoor relaxation and entertainment are priorities when cruising, and the Indochine II delivers the perfect venue with which to enjoy the warm sun on your back and stunning vistas of lush green landscapes dotted with local villages.


After a long day on shore, give into temptation and head for the Indochine II’s heated pool up on the Sun Deck. Take a refreshing dip on warm days, before enjoying a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the outdoor bar just a few feet away. Sit back and relax in the refreshing water of the Sun Deck pool as the river breeze invigorates you.


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Riverview Suites

Starting at $6,397 per person

Located on the Upper Deck, the four exquisite Riverview Suites (two forward, two aft) are 205sqft and offer amazingly spacious terraces that transform your suite into an open-air space. All suites are equipped with a retractable TV, and your luxurious bathroom features a shower complete with decadent toiletries and a hair dryer. Your queen-size hotel-style bed can be converted into two twin beds, all draped in high quality linens for the perfect night’s sleep. A large wardrobe makes unpacking even more of a dream, and is a great space to keep all your belongings and outfits for our special Mekong parties. In the morning, enjoy the perfect wake-up call by sipping a fresh coffee or tea on your private terrace, wrapped in the comfort of your luxurious bathrobe and slippers after a refreshing shower in your stylish in-suite bathroom.

Upper Deck Staterooms

Starting at $4,397 per person

Every stateroom located on the Upper Deck measures 195sqft and has its own private terrace and a floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass door that opens for an even closer look at the passing shorelines. Get comfortable for the night after a busy day exploring, and prepare for the next as you unwind with a film on your flat screen TV and infotainment system in true comfort. Guests can choose to have their twin beds converted into a comfortable single queen-sized bed in any stateroom. Storage space includes a full-length wardrobe closet with room for hanging clothes on one side and shelves and a cabinet (with a safe) on the other, and there’s extra room under the bed for suitcases.

Main Deck Staterooms

Starting at $3,997 per person

Staterooms located on the Main Deck all have full, floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors that open onto a private balcony that provide unspoiled panoramic vistas of the river and breathtaking landscapes beyond. Lay back in your 190sqft stateroom and watch a film on your retractable flat screen TV and infotainment system, or enjoy the space as you ponder an exciting day ahead. Your luxurious bathroom features a shower complete with decadent toiletries, perfect for unwinding after an unforgettable day OUTbound on the Mekong. Your queen-size bed can convert to two twin hotel-style beds, draped in high quality linens.

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