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How To Book Your Group In Rooms Together

Few things are better than an OUTbound adventure. In fact, we can only think of one, and that’s heading OUTbound with friends!

Our online reservation system lets you book as a group, whether you’re looking to be next door to each other, across the hall or even close by in different categories on different decks. Here are a few things to keep in mind when booking as a group:

  • Start by getting at least one member from each stateroom in your group together on a group call, FaceTime Portal or Zoom meeting. We’re all well versed enough now with these group chats. Pick your favorite and get the gang together.
  • Each stateroom will have its own individual reservation and thus, a separate reservation number. The idea here is that your group is all going to book together at the same time, picking rooms next to (or near) each other so that you can create your own ‘block’.
  • Review the price categories and deck plans of the trip that interest you. A complete set of deck plans (for ships and riverboats) and floorplans (for resorts) are located on the PRICING page of each trip. Pick out the area your group is interested in based on price or category. Cabins and rooms that are greyed out (not selectable) are already occupied, so keep that in mind when your group starts looking for rooms together.
  • Take note of the category your room is in, and what deck or floor the rooms you want are located. You’ll be asked this information once you start your reservation, so it’s best to keep handy.
  • Once you’ve identified the rooms you want, start booking! Click the “BOOK NOW” button. Select the category of your desired room. Next, click on the deck or floor where the room you want is located. Once on the appropriate deck (or floor), scroll up or down on the deck plan and click on the room you identified. Keep the lines of communication open with your friends to make sure they’re navigating the site at about the same speed that you are.
  • Our online booking tool shows only the current available inventory. Any rooms or cabins already occupied will be greyed out, and you won’t be able to select it for a reservation. Whether from a laptop, tablet, or cell phone, everyone in your group will be looking at “live” deck plans and seeing only the rooms available in real time.
  • Have everyone book the room they have selected at the same time you begin your reservation. Our system can handle multiple bookings simultaneously, so go for it! As soon as you’ve selected your individual stateroom, that specific room is pulled out of the available inventory and your selection will show as greyed out, meaning that it won’t be available to anyone starting another reservation immediately after you. This prevents “double booking”.
  • Our system will hold your room choice for up to 30 minutes while your friends make their own reservations in rooms next to (or near) the one you’ve selected. Once each member of your group has placed your specific room “on hold,” you can then proceed to check out simultaneously. After 30 minutes, our reservation system will release your “on hold” room back into the active inventory for others to book, so it’s important for everyone in your group to be “on the same page” so to speak, to make sure you get your rooms together.

And one final tip… book early! The longer you wait, the fewer rooms that will be left. Getting a group of three, four or even more rooms together gets harder as the ships or resorts fill up. Make sure you get a jump and start planning early! Remember, the only thing better than heading OUTbound is heading OUTbound together!

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