CoVid OUTright Guarantee


Safety Is Our First Priority

  • The safety of our guests.
  • The safety of our team.
  • The safety of our crew.
  • And above all, the safety of the people and places we are so fortunate visit.

If it’s not safe, we won’t go.

If we cannot deliver our 2021 Greek Isles adventure in November as promised due to CoVid-related restrictions, booked guests will receive 100% of their paid money back. No disclaimers. No postponements. No games. No exceptions.

Covid Concerns OUTright Guarantee

We know travel is a little complicated right now, which is all the more reason to seek inspiration from our forthcoming Greek Isles cruise and start planning your 2021 dream vacation now! In order to give you extra peace of mind, OUTbound has taken the following steps to insure the money you invest in your Greek Isles adventure is 100% guaranteed with our extra iamConfident Booking policy terms for this specific event.

OUTbound will not require paid guests to move their paid deposits to another OUTbound trip or charge a cancellation fee. OUTbound pledges that if our Greek Isle cruise cannot sail from Athens as scheduled on November 1, 2021, each and every passenger will receive a full, unconditional refund for the total amount they have paid towards their reservation up to that point. In the event of U.S. State Department international travel restrictions for our guests holding a valid U.S. passport to either Greece or Cyprus (which would restrict paid guests from embarking or disembarking at any of our scheduled ports), OUTbound commits that this cruise will be “Canceled” and not be “Postponed”.

How can we guarantee each and every booked guest a full refund? Well, OUTbound has taken the following steps to insure you can book and cruise with confidence:

  • First, OUTbound has secured a surety bond with Western Surety Company that covers not just our Greek Isles cruise, but every adventure we offer. For the Greek Isles, that means an extra layer of protection for every dime our guests put toward their reservation.
  • Next, OUTbound maintains an individual trust bank account for each trip we offer, meaning there is no co-mingling of funds between events. For example, deposits collected from reservations of our Greek Isles cruise cannot be used for payments to any other trip OUTbound offers. The only expenses paid with money collected from reservations for our Greek Isles cruise will be directly to the ship operator for payment on our specific charter.
  • Further, OUTbound is a member of the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC), a third party entity that was created to decide claims made against the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund, which serves consumers who suffer losses as a result of the bankruptcy, cessation of operations, insolvency, or material failure of a Seller of Travel to provide the travel services booked. Since OUTbound is a member of the TCRC, OUTbound guests have this added layer of protection which insures they have yet another avenue of recourse should our Greek Isles cruise be canceled due to CoVid travel restrictions.
  • Finally, OUTbound has included a specific CoVid-19 “Forced Majeure” clause in our contract with the ship operator. A “Force Majeure” event refers to the occurrence of an event which is outside the reasonable control of a party and which prevents that party from performing its obligations under a contract. In simple terms, this means that if OUTbound is unable to provide guests for our event (due to travel restrictions) and/or if the ship operator is unable to provide the vessel (due to a crew outbreak, port closures, etc), the contract can be voided by either party and 100% of the funds paid toward that event will be returned. This means that all the money paid to the ship company will be returned to OUTbound, which we will then return to our guests.

Book With Confidence

So go ahead… start dreaming, start planning! OUTbound will make sure you are able to book confidently and with peace of mind, knowing your hard earned vacation dollars are safe with us. With no worries about losing your investment, it’s time to look forward and head OUTbound again!

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