Best Rate Promise

Book Early & Get The Best Rate… Promise!

Booking early assures you the best rate, it’s as simple as that. As the ship or resort fills up, prices may increase based on limited availability. Our promise and commitment to you is that we will never drop prices to fill those last few rooms on any given OUTbound trip.We appreciate OUTbounders who book early, since it is your deposits and payments that allow us to offer our trips. The funds you pay for your reservation cover our payments to our ship and resort partners, allow us to enter into contracts with the entertainers who will meet us onboard, rent the extra equipment needed to produce each experience above and beyond what a typical sailing would do, and generate revenue that will go toward future trip deposits so that we can keep the fun and excitement going for years to come.

Our OUTbound promise to you who book early, as well as those who continue to book as the event gets closer, is that we will never betray your commitment and excitement by offering a reduced price to anyone sitting on the sidelines waiting for a last minute bargain. You will never feel “burned” by committing to one of our trips early. In fact, it’ll just give us that much more time to plan, budget and get excited for what’s to come!

After all, looking forward to heading OUTbound is half the fun!

If OUTbound ever does reduce a rate, based on any unforeseen outside factor, we will immediately credit the difference between the new advertised rate and your initial reservation rate. This rate credit will be applied immediately to your next payment (or series of payments, depending on the amount credited and your upcoming installments). For guests who paid in full or whose reservation is already paid off, a cash refund in the amount of the credit will be refunded to your credit card on file.

Guests may also choose to have their credit immediately rolled forward and applied to a future OUTbound event. However, credits may not be “banked” and must be applied to a currently advertised OUTbound event.

  • Fare guarantee promise is eligible only for the exact same vacation, date, and category.
  • Applicable to vacation fares only.
  • Port charges, resort fees, and gratuities are non-applicable and can fluctuate depending on the cruise line or resort.
  • All requests are subject to approval by OUTbound, LLC and all decisions are final.
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