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Sail Pride to Pride, CSD Berlin to Pride Amsterdam

Trip Highlights

      • Gay Pride Berlin!
      • Tour Magdeburg, Hanover & Bremen!
      • Four Full Days of Pride Amsterdam!

Trip Snapshot

Experience Europe’s two biggest and most fabulous pride events in one trip!  Cruise Pride to Pride with us, starting in Berlin for Christopher Street Day (or simply CSD Berlin) before sailing through Northern Europe, arriving in Amsterdam in time to participate in the world famous Canal Parade!


CSD Berlin is the highlight of the city’s summer festival season. It is known by the European name of Christopher Street Day or simply CSD. You’ll find concerts, after-parties, and the largest parade in Germany, which attracts some of the biggest crowds on the continent. Over 500,000 people gather to dance and celebrate, adorned in fetish gear, elaborate costumes, or absolutely nothing at all. The party continues long after the parade has ended at the famous Brandenburg Gate.


Potsdam is home to quaint Baroque buildings, scenic landscapes and majestic palaces. Some say stepping into Potsdam feels almost like entering a fairytale. It’s a favorite summer getaway spot with its spacious parks and clear lakes. After a full weekend of CSD Berlin events, this leisurely OUTbound day of strolling through manicured gardens hits just the right note.


Magdeburg was one of the most important medieval cities in Europe. It served as a more or less de facto “eastern capital” of the Ottonian dynasty in the 10th and 11th centuries and remained one of Germany’s most important cities until the early modern era. Magdeburg’s newest architectural attraction is the whimsical Grüne Zitadelle (Green Citadel), the last building of eccentric artist-architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.


Brunswick (known as Braunschweig in Germany) was the seat of the Braunschweig Princes from the 9th century until the 13th century. Stroll through the Burgplatz, home to Dankwarderode Castle and St. Blasii Cathedral, both built at the order of Henry the Lion. Pay your respects to the noble leader when you see the Brunswick Lion, cast in bronze in the 11th century and still standing proudly in Henry’s honor. And walk the cobblestone streets of Magniviertel, one of Braunschweig’s oldest quarters and home to authentic restaurants and shops.


A city with a rich history, Hanover has a wealth of museums and cultural sites. See the Market Church, built in the 14th century and considered to be one of the most well-known examples of brick Gothic architectural style. Admire the Old Town Hall, with Romanesque style influences and Neo-Gothic architecture. Visit the Town Hall and climb to the top of its green dome for a breathtaking view of the city and a view of the Harz Mountain range.


Bremen is one of the largest seaports and centers of seaborne trade in Germany. Some of the most memorable experiences include exploring the historic Old Town (Altstadt) and Bremen’s picturesque Marktplatz. Here, you’ll find the statue of Germany’s most famous knight, Roland. Erected in 1404, the statue remains a symbol of the city’s freedom and independence from the church.

Sailing Through Germany

Time to recharge. After the craziness that was CSD Berlin, and in anticipation of what awaits us in Amsterdam, today is your day to relax. Lay out and catch some rays on the Sun Deck, spend the afternoon soaking in one of the jacuzzis, play ship games with your hosts in the main lounge or just chill with friends and your fellow OUTbounders. Today is yours, so you do you!


Welcome to the Netherlands! This morning we’ll tour Groningen, a university town filled with incredible cafés, restaurants and trendy shops. Old town is home to two large market squares, The Grote Markt (great market) and the Vismarkt (fish market), both of which showcase the best of Dutch food and crafts. Groningen is also known as “Martinistad,” referring to its landmark tower the Martinitoren, built in the 15th century, and the highest building in Europe at the time of its construction.


Arrive in Amsterdam during the height of Pride Amsterdam, where the world famous Canal Parade gives literally translation to the term “pride float”. We dock in the heart of it all midweek, so pace yourself to make sure you experience it all!  The annual boat parade, which sees the canals lined by over half a million spectators, demonstrates and celebrates the diversity of Holland’s gay and lesbian community. The street parties following the Canal Parade start later that afternoon. Spectators of the parade often go to Amstelveld (which is directly next to the route), the large main stage on Dam square (en route towards Centraal Station) and Rembrandtplein. In addition to Pride, Amsterdam’s top music venues and clubs will be hosting parties all night long.


We are OUTbound for two of Europe’s biggest and most famous Gay Pride festivals in one amazing adventure, CSD Berlin to Pride Amsterdam! Experience the two biggest and best known parties of the year in a single trip as we sail along the Elbe from one of our favorite European cities to the other. We’ll start our celebration in Germany for Gay Pride Berlin, known by the locals as Christopher Street Day, or CSD Berlin. You’ll then have a chance to catch your breath and rest up as we set sail along the Elbe, visiting one charming German hamlet after the next until arriving in time for the main event of Pride Amsterdam, its one-of-a-kind Canal Parade. You’ll have a front row seat for two of the biggest and best celebrations of their kind anywhere in the world!


Day 1 – Berlin, Germany

Die Begrüßung, Berlin! After boarding our ship and settling into your staterooms, come meet your hosts and fellow OUTbounders. This afternoon, we’ll introduce our crew at a welcome cocktail party before heading out into the city to explore Germany’s capitol city. After all, Berlin is one of Europe’s premier gay and party destinations, so would you expect anything less? Our ship will remain docked overnight in the heart of the city, so come and go as you please. Enjoy all that Berlin has to offer however you want!

Day 2 – Berlin & Potsdam, Germany

We’ll have one last morning to ourselves in Berlin before saying “auf wiedersehen” to Germany’s capitol and setting sail along the Havel River for Potsdam, a city full of history and culture dating back to the Prussian empire. Most of Potsdam’s many sights were built during the 18th and 19th centuries, when the city was the residence of the Prussian kings. Frederick the Great chose Potsdam as the location of his summer residence, Sanssouci Palace, which ultimately became his favorite place and sanctuary in difficult times. Its breathtaking structures and wealth of greenery will transport you back to another era.

Potsdam Excursion

This afternoon we’ll set off to see the gardens of Sanssouci Palace. The palace was constructed at the order of Frederick the Great between 1745 and 1747 to act as his summer residence and sanctuary. Frederick named his new palace “Sanssouci”, which literally translates from the French “without a care”, for this was to be the place he would relax and escape the neighboring city of Berlin. Frederick is buried on one of the upper terraces in the park near the graves of his much-loved greyhounds.

Day 3 – Magdeburg, Germany

Settled over 1,200 years ago, Magdeburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany. In the 10th century Magdeburg was the residence of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I, whose tomb rests inside Magdeburg’s astonishing cathedral. The cathedral took 300 years to complete and the architects learned by trial and error as they had no frame of reference for Gothic architecture. Another “must see” in Magdeburg is the Hundertwasserhaus, or Green Citadel, a whimsical complex of apartments, shops, cafés and hotel.

Magdeburg Excursion

Join us for a tour of Magdeburg, situated midway on the Elbe River and the historic Roman Roads. Its cathedral is one of the most important Gothic-style structures in Europe, and was the first example of Gothic architecture in Germany. We’ll continue our tour with stops at The Green Citadel and the Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, a Romanesque monastery complex and sculpture park. Enjoy some free time this evening to explore the city on your own.

Day 4 – Brunswick, Germany

Braunschweig (known as Brunswick in English) is the largest city between Berlin and Hanover. Despite widespread bombing suffered during the WWII, Braunschweig’s monuments like Henry’s Romanesque palace and the spellbinding St. Blasii Cathedral have been faithfully restored. No visit to Brunwick is complete without paying your respects to the noble Brunswick Lion, cast in bronze in the 11th century and standing proudly on the Burgplatz.

Brunswick Excursion

Walk with us through the Burgplatz, seat of the Braunschweig Princes from the 9th century, surrounded on all sides by a marvellous ensemble of historic buildings. We’ll tour St. Blasii Cathedral, constructed by Henry the Lion in 1173 and Dankwarderode Castle, the Romanesque palace that greets you on the Burgplatz. We’ll end our tour with time in Magniviertel, one of Braunschweig’s oldest quarters and home to quaint restaurants and independent shops. Here, the cobblestone streets open onto squares like Ackerhof and the churchyard of St. Magni.

Day 5 – Hanover, Germany

Hanover is a mosaic of regal parks and palaces, a university city and economic center that was once the seat of the royal House of Hanover. The Eilenriede park in the middle of Hanover is twice the size of New York’s Central Park, and Herrenhäusen Gardens continues to be the pride of the city from the days of the Kings of Hanover. The Great Garden is fronted by a palace and enriched with sculptures, fountains and a box-hedge maze. Hanover’s resplendent New Town Hall, with its soaring dome, copper-roof towers and location in front of the Maschteich pond, looks more like a palace than a civic building.

Hanover Excursion

We’ll set off on an excursion to Hanover. The capital of Lower Saxony, Hanover is one of the main economic centers in Germany. We’ll tour several of the famed Herrenhäusen Gardens before spending some time at the 14th century Marktkirche in the center of the Altstadt, with its distinguishing main tower and four pointed gables completed in the 1360s. We’ll rejoin our ship in Minden and continue to cruise through the rest of the day to Nienburg.

Day 6 – Bremen, Germany

We’ll spending the morning sailing for Bremen. In Medieval times, the Weser River brought Europe to Bremen’s door, and the city grew in stature. Sea trade has always been in Bremen’s blood, and from the mid-1600s exotic products like coffee began arriving, with Germany’s first coffee house opening here in the 17th century. The centerpiece of Bermen’s architecture is St. Peter’s Cathedral, whose two 290-foot high towers dominate Bremen’s skyline. Climb the south tower for an exhilarating view of the town down below.

Bremen Excursion

Join us for a walking tour of Bremen. We’ll see St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Bremen City Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the 15th century. We’ll also take time to visit the Marktplatz, surrounded by historic gabled houses, and see the Gothic Roland Statue, erected in front of the town hall in 1404 that depicts a mythological knight who symbolizes Bremen’s free city status.

Day 7 – Sailing Through Germany

Enjoy a day of rest and relaxation as we continue to sail towards Amsterdam. Spend your time up on the Sun Deck with your fellow OUTbounders playing a selection of fun-in-the-sun summer games and trivia challenges. After dinner, enjoy a night of entertainment with us in the lounge. However you spend your day, be sure to get plenty of rest and recharge your energy banks. You’re gonna need it!

Day 8 – Groningen, Germany

This morning we arrive in the Netherlands! Groningen is a university town filled with incredible cafés, restaurants and trendy shops. Like most cities in the Netherlands, Groningen’s town center is surrounded by a series of canals and is easy to explore on foot. Old town is home to two large market squares, The Grote Markt (great market) and the Vismarkt (fish market), both of which showcase the best of Dutch food and crafts. Groningen is also known as “Martinistad,” referring to its landmark tower the Martinitoren, built in the 15th century, and the highest building in Europe at the time of its construction.

Groningen Excursion

Explore Groningen on your own with free time this morning to stretch your legs, do a little shopping and get your first taste of the Netherlands at one of the cute little cafés near the city center. Climb the Martini tower, named for St. Martinus (not the cocktail!) for a nice view of the city, one of the most famous sites in Groningen. Meet us back onboard after your morning in this charming college town as we sail for Amsterdam!

Day 9 – Amsterdam

Pride Amsterdam is one of the best known and exciting pride celebrations in the world. The festival attracts over half a million visitors each year and is one of the largest events in Europe. Amsterdam Pride includes unique exhibitions, cultural and sporting events along with countless street parties throughout the city. Today is yours to let your pride flag fly and dive head first into one of the largest parties on the planet! Our ship will stay docked near the Centraal Station for the rest of our stay in Amsterdam, so come and go as you please!

Day 10 – Amsterdam

Spend your time today basking in all that Pride Amsterdam has to offer. From street parties to film festivals, the city is alive with pride all week, so make the most of it! Tonight is Gay Movie Night at the Pathé de Munt, a cinema house on the Vijzelstraat that shows a special classic LGBTQ+ film on Wednesday night during pride week. Get there early to attend a special reception and welcome toast before the start of the movie.

Day 11 – Amsterdam

Today is all about being yourself as you grow older at Amsterdam’s Senior Pride Concert! Orientation knows no age, and today’s pride activities ensure that pink seniors feel seen, acknowledged and appreciated. In addition to the Senior Pride Concert, tonight is Pride Night at all the bars, clubs and saunas in Amsterdam. The bars on Amstel and Reguliersdwarsstraat will be packed until the early hours of the morning, and tonight is also the night two huge underwear parties will be taking place at Club Church and the NZ Sauna.

Day 12 – Amsterdam

Enjoy a final breakfast onboard before disembarking this morning from our ship. Sadly, it’s time to say farewell to your hosts and our fellow guests. Choose to extend your vacation with us for our post cruise Pride Amsterdam package and a wild weekend, including the world famous Canal Parade!

Amsterdam Transfers 

Direct transfers from our ship to Amsterdam Centraal Station are included with your reservation. Transfers to Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport (AMS) are available or join us for our Pride Amsterdam post cruise package.

The Ship

Ship Specifics

  • River Boat
  • Two (2) Decks
  • 88 Passengers / 44 Staterooms
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

MS Victor Hugo

The Victor Hugo is a smaller ship specifically designed for smaller rivers locks and more intimate ports of call. Intimate and spacious in equal measure, a limited number of lucky guests ensures you can spend time enjoying a drink from the extensive bar, reading in the lounge, or relaxing on a lounge chair up on the Sun Deck, with abundant room to roam. Completely refurbished in 2019, the Victor Hugo is brightly colored and ready to offer an unforgettable experience cruising the lesser-traveled rivers of Northern Europe.

The ship has a distinctive design marked by panoramic windows placed in all the public areas, as well as in all of the comfortable passenger staterooms, offering OUTbounders a once in lifetime cruising experience. All staterooms have twin beds that can be configured as a queen, full picture windows in each cabin, showers, TVs, hair dryers, safes and air-conditioning.

Mixed drinks, wine, beer, sodas, fruit juice, water and coffee are all included with your meals and at anytime while onboard.

Panoramic Lounge

The Panoramic Lounge is the social heartbeat of the MS Victor Hugo. Surprisingly spacious and exceedingly modern, this contemporary and comfortable haven is one of the most popular areas of our vessel day or night. After ordering a drink from the fully stocked bar or trying a specialty tea, relax in the plush and spacious sofas and chairs to catch up with friends and unwind. Each evening before dinner, we’ll gather for an informal yet fascinating talk on our forthcoming ports of call. With tips on what we’ll see and things to look out for, this is an ideal opportunity to plan for the day ahead. When the evening arrives, we have a medley of entertainment planned especially for you.

Main Bar 

Enjoy a cocktail at the main bar with us while spending time together. Located inside the Panoramic Lounge, the Main Bar is the place where, time and again, you’ll spend an enjoyable evening nursing a cocktail with great friends, old and new! Whether you’re a mixed drink or wine aficionado, we invite you to join us and enjoy one of best bars on the river with your fellow OUTbounders.


The air-conditioned restaurant provides a comfortable space to enjoy a daily breakfast and lunch buffet, as well as our evening dinners. You’ll be treated to excellent cuisine, with the most sensational of views, as the beauty of this magnificent landscape passes by your window. The food is incredible, every meal, every day. You’ll have plenty of local specialties to choose from, as the menu reflects our journey from Germany to the Netherlands. Expect hearty and delicious German recipes from schnitzel to sauerbrauten. And of course no river cruise through Germany is complete without a taste of apfelkuchen, which translates to “apple cake”. As our journey takes us closer to Amsterdam, you’ll get a taste of traditional Dutch recipes like hachee stew, stamppot and everyone’s favorite, Dutch apple pie!

Sun Deck

The Sun Deck is much more than a place to savor a cocktail or catch some rays. For the perfect start to your day, head up to the top deck and watch the sun rise with your morning tea or coffee. It’s also a fantastic way to spend your afternoon, enjoying a panoramic view of the magnificent landscapes. The Sun Deck on the MS Victor Hugo is ringed by comfortable lounges for a breathtaking view of the passing countryside.

A gorgeous outdoor living area also has a huge canopy, perfect for OUTbounders who prefer a little shade mixed in with their fun in the sun. And you’re never far from a place to grab a drink up top. Outdoor relaxation and entertainment are priorities when cruising, and the MS Victor Hugo delivers the perfect venue with which to enjoy the warm sun on your back and spectacular landscape views.


Book today & pick whichever payment plan fits your budget best! Choose from either convenient quarterly payments or spread your payments out over monthly installments.

Either way, OUTbound has a payment plan designed to fit every budget!

Upper Deck Staterooms

Starting at $4,697 per person

Every stateroom located on the Upper Deck measures 140ft2 and features a large panoramic window lets in the perfect amount of light, welcoming in the golden summer sunshine as we sail from pride to pride. Your private bathroom is designed to rejuvenate you after an exciting day exploring. Enjoy a shower complete with indulgent toiletries before settling into your queen or twin hotel-style bed, complete with luscious linens, as you enjoy a movie on your flat screen TV and infotainment system. Storage space includes a full-length wardrobe closet with room for hanging clothes on one side and shelves and a cabinet (with a safe) on the other, and there’s extra room under the bed for suitcases.

Main Deck Staterooms

Starting at $4,497 per person

Staterooms located on the Main Deck all have full picture window that provides unspoiled panoramic vistas of the river and breathtaking landscapes beyond. Lay back in your 110ft2 stateroom and watch a film on your retractable flat screen TV and infotainment system, or enjoy the space as you ponder an exciting day ahead. Your luxurious bathroom features a shower complete with decadent toiletries, perfect for unwinding after an unforgettable day OUTbound. Your queen-size bed can convert to two twin hotel-style beds, draped in high quality linens.

Berlin Pride Extras - Pre Cruise Package

Overview – Berlin Pride Pre Package


  • Daily Breakfast Buffet
  • Transfers from our Host Hotel to Ship

Day 1 – Arrival Party

Day 2 – Pride Parade

Day 3 – CSD Pride Festival

Day 4 – Tour Berlin & Board Ship

4 Day/3 Night Package for 2 People: $600*

*Prices based on Axel City room, double occupancy. Upgrades to Axel Superior, Junior Suite or Axel Suite available for an additional cost.

Official CSD Berlin Website:  www.csd-berlin.de

Berlin Pride Package

We are OUTbound for one of Europe’s biggest and most famous Gay Pride festivals, CSD Berlin! We’ll start our celebration in Germany for Gay Pride Berlin, known by the locals as Christopher Street Day, or CSD Berlin. We’ll spend three full days celebrating one of the most eclectic pride celebrations in all of Europe.

Berlin has one of the greatest gay cultures in Europe and is party central with even the “straight” clubs having a polysexual, mixed crowd with few boundaries in terms of sex and gender. It’s also home to Berghain, often voted the best nightclub in the world, that has to be seen to be believed. In fact, when it comes to fetish clubs and cruise bar, this city is Europe’s capital of kink… up there with Amsterdam, where we’ll end our Pride to Pride cruise! Of course all of the free-spirited nature of Berlin gets kicked up a notch during CSD Berlin, when the city comes out to celebrate.

Our OUTbound host hotel is none other than the famous Axel Hotel Berlin, located in Schöneberg, heart of Berlin’s gay scene. Axel Hotel Berlin is fascinating for its cosmopolitan spirit, design, comfort and its excellent service. The charm and elegant mix of gold on black, overlay and textures make the Axel Hotel Berlin a unique space in the German capital. With uniquely design rooms for the LGBTQ+ traveler, the Axel Hotel Berlin is fully equipped to provide our OUTbound guests with maximum comfort and a different stay.

Be sure to join us on Friday for a special “Welcome to Berlin” night OUT, with OUTbounders Deiler and Javier guest bartending at The Green Door, an infamous speakeasy that can’t be seen from the outside but for, you guessed it… a green door. Deiler and Javier will dazzle us with their encyclopedic bartending knowledge while you escape into a piece of esoteric Berlin. Sit back and enjoy this special night as the boys serve cocktails ranging from the ‘make-youfeel-right-at-home’ to the ‘how-do-you-pronounce-this-again.’

Day 1 – Friday, July 22

Arrive in Berlin

Die Begrüßung, Berlin! After settling into your hotel rooms, come meet your hosts and fellow OUTbounders. Join us for a welcome cocktail party before heading out into the city to join roughly half a million people celebrating the start of CSD Berlin! After all, Berlin is one of Europe’s premier gay and party destinations, so would you expect anything less? We’re staying in the heart of Berlin’s gay district of Schöneberg, so come and go as you please. Enjoy all that CSD Berlin has to offer however you want!

Day 2 – Saturday, July 23

CSD Berlin Parade

Come OUTbound today for CSD Berlin’s main event, Gay Pride Berlin’s pride parade! The parade runs from Kurfürstendamm all the way to the famed Brandenburg Gate, ending with a lively concert which always welcomes special guest stars and goes well into the night. Go bar hopping down the main ‘drag’ Fuggerstraße, hitting all the famous clubs like Prinzknecht, Woof Berlin, Heile Welt and Bull. Our host hotel is just a few minutes walk away, so you do you and OUTbound away!

Day 3 – Sunday, July 24

CSD Berlin Pride Festival

OUTbound today your way! Spend your last full day in Berlin immersed in all that the CSD Berlin Pride Festival has to offer, or venture out and experience the smaller event called Kreuzberg Pride, which is held each year alongside Dyke March at the same time as CSD Berlin. These prides have a more local vibe if you’re looking to keep things a little more chill. Either way, there’s literally something for everyone at one of the most inclusive and popular pride events of Europe, so let loose and experience your pride the Deutsch way!

Day 4 – Monday, July 25

Morning in Berlin & Transfer to Ship

Spend your final morning in Berlin enjoying one of the many LGBTQ+ cafés along the Motzstraße, do a little shopping at KaDeWe, the largest department store in continental Europe, or just sleep in and rest up after three full days of CSD Berlin festivities. The morning is yours. This afternoon, we’ll check out of the Axel Hotel Berlin and transfer to our ship.

CSD Berlin

On Christopher Street Day, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrate for the rights of LGBTQ+ people with a great parade, colorful floats, live music and one of the biggest parties in Europe. The main event, the CSD Berlin Pride Parade, starts at noon on Saturday at the intersection of Kurfürstendamm and Joachimsthaler Straße, just a few blocks from our host hotel, the Axel Hotel Berlin. The parade winds along Berlin’s central park, the Tiergarten, passing Wittenbergplatz, Lützowplatz and Siegessäule. The procession comes to ends at the iconic Brandenburg Gate where a final rally takes place at 5:00pm and the party really starts!

Axel Hotel Berlin

Located in Schöneberg, the heart of the gay scene in the city, Axel Hotel Berlin is fascinating for its cosmopolitan spirit, by the careful combination of design and comfort, and for excellent service. The charming and elegant mix of gold on black, overlay and textures make Axel Hotel Berlin a unique space in the German capital.

Axel Hotel Berlin: www.axelhotels.com/en/axel-hotel-berlin/hotel.html

Schöneberg (Berlin’s Gay District)

Schöneberg is a neighborhood that loves to show off its beautiful colors, from bars and cafés to galleries and street celebrations. Known since the 1920s for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community, Schöneberg is one brave part of Berlin that has its struggles and success written all over its streets.

Berlin is gay all-over, but since the 1920s, Schöneberg has been the center of gay life. There’s a strong community feeling in this gayborhood, with its LGBTQ+ cafés, bars, restaurants and lifestyle stores. There’s so much to do and see in this vibrant historical district that it should be on every gay explorer’s bucket list.

For an authentic neighborhood experience, come to Flohmarkt Schöneberg, and lose yourself among the countless stalls. Brimming with second hand treasures and gorgeous vintage fashions, the flea market adjacent to the town hall gathers the alternative spirit the city is so famous for.

A fabulous place for shopping fans, KaDeWe is the largest department store in continental Europe and just a few minutes walk from our host hotel, the Axel Hotel Berlin. Short for Kaufhaus des Westens, KaDeWe is a commercial center built in the early 20th century by the famous architect Emil Schaudt. After being almost completely destroyed by the Second World War bombings, it was reconstructed in the 1950s as a symbol of the emerging economic power of the western part of Berlin. Today it is part of Luxury Boulevard and attracts over 50,000 visitors a day.

Anyone who categorizes Schöneberg as just a residential pocket of Berlin is sorely mistaken. This sleek borough, with its broad boulevards, leafy parks and classic architecture is also home to a buzzing LGBTQ+ community and innumerable great bars.

Amsterdam Pride Extras - Post Cruise Package

Overview – Amsterdam Pride Post Package


  • Daily Breakfast Buffet
  • Transfers from our Ship to Host Hotel

Day 1 – Check Into Host Hotel

Day 2 – Canal Parade

Day 3 – Closing Party

Day 4 – Leave for Home

4 Day/3 Night Package for 2 People: $600*

* Prices based on RHO Standard Double room, double occupancy. Upgrades to RHO Triple, RHO Voor Suite or RHO Suite available for an additional cost.

Official Pride Amsterdam Website: www.pride.amsterdam

Amsterdam Pride Package

Join us as we cruise into Amsterdam for Pride Amsterdam, one of our favorite pride festivals on the planet! We’re in the heart of it all as we host our fellow OUTbounders for the main event, Pride Amsterdam weekend and the world famous Canal Parade. We can’t think of a better way to show off the canals of Amsterdam than with this amazing spectacle.

Our OUTbound host hotel is none other than the world famous Amistad Amsterdam, the most popular gay hotel in Amsterdam and “the place to stay for the gay traveler” for years. Right in the old center of Amsterdam, within walking distance of all the pride action, including of course your front row seat for the Canal Parade. But Pride Amsterdam is oh so much more than just its main event. You’ll have your pick of street parties, from the outdoor stage festivals of Zeedijk and Spuistraat Prik to the famous Reguliersdwarsstraat gay venues with their lavish decorations and live DJ performances, to the more risqué Beursplein, a fetish party with something for everyone.

Don’t miss the OUTrageous Drag Queen Olympics at the Westermarkt, the world’s premier sporting event for drag queens & kings, with the crème de la crème of the drag athletic world battling it out for Olympic Gold. The event includes traditional sports like the 100m Stiletto Sprint, Handbag Toss, Bitch Volleyball and Equestrian Dressage. After the street parties you can carry on all night at one of the club hosted parties at Paradiso, Marktkantine or Friday night’s underwear party at Club Church. Club Panama always hosts the popular bear party Bear Necessity, while at the enormous Gashouder at Westergasfabriek you’ll find the XXL edition of circuit party Funhouse.

Sunday is closing day. The traditional Pride Closing Party can be found at the central Dam Square in front of the Royal Palace. It takes place in the afternoon and evening with many Dutch and international artists and DJ’s. It’s a dedicated crowd, trying to survive the hangover and celebrating the last day of the Amsterdam gay pride just a little longer!

Day 1 – Friday, August 5

Disembark Ship & Amsterdam Host Hotel Check-In

Amsterdam Pride is one of the best known and exciting pride celebrations in the world. The festival attracts over half a million visitors each year and is one of the largest events in Europe. Amsterdam Pride includes unique exhibitions, cultural and sporting events along with countless street parties throughout the city. Don’t miss the Drag Queen Olympics, with events like the handbag throw, the high heel race and a tug of war. Today is yours to let your pride flag fly and dive head first into one of the largest parties on the planet! We’ll disembark our ship this morning and transfer to the RHO Hotel Amsterdam, our host hotel for our stay in Amsterdam.

Day 2 – Saturday, August 6

Canal Parade

Today experience the peak of the festival and Amsterdam Pride’s signature event, the Canal Parade. Known the world over, the Canal Parade is a procession of boats cruising the city’s canals celebrating the past, present and future of the LGBTQ+ community in lavishly decorated boats and barges. The Canal Parade is the festival’s centerpiece event where lavishly decorated barges give the term ‘float’ a literal meaning. Participants put on a show with their onboard DJs, show-stopping themes and plenty of smiles, pleasing all the spectators on the banks of the Prinsengracht and Amstel Rivers. Smaller boats line the canal walls, enjoying the party by shimmying up to each other, forming a huge flotilla of fun.

Day 3 – Sunday, August 7

Closing Pride Party

Enjoy some time on your own in Amsterdam this morning or just sleep in and recover from your night before closing down the show this afternoon at the official Closing Party of Pride Amsterdam. Celebrate diversity and Pride on the most famous square of Amsterdam, Dam square! The party starts at 2:00pm and runs until the “official” end at 10:00pm, although revelers have been known to party on through the night while closing out Pride Amsterdam.

Day 4 – Monday, August 8

Morning in Amsterdam & Check Out of Host Hotel

This morning we say “Vaarwel” (Dutch for goodbye) to the city of Amsterdam and our grand OUTbound Pride to Pride adventure. Spend your final hours in Amsterdam enjoying one of the many cafés along Reguliersdwarsstraat, one of the most important LGBTQ+ streets in Amsterdam for wining, dining and partying. At the core of the area is the espresso bar Lunchroom Downtown. Originally opened in 1970, it has remained active and is a pleasant hangout to this day, inviting patrons to relax in true Dutch style with coffee and pancakes.

Pride Amsterdam

Pride Amsterdam remains one of the biggest and best celebrations of gay pride around the globe, attracting more than 350,000 participants and visitors who stay and play in Amsterdam. The city is a vibrant rainbow of events in gay and straight venues alike, with dance parties, film screenings, sporting events, exhibitions and much more. Uniquely Amsterdam, the city’s famous canals are home to the world-renowned Canal Parade, where the floats actually float and thousands of spectators line the canals to take in the party. After the parade, don’t miss the Drag Queen Olympics, with events like the Stiletto Sprint, Handbag Discus and the “Tug of Love”. All kings and queens are welcome to cheer on the drag athletes as they battle for the gold at Homomonument.

RHO Hotel Amsterdam

The RHO Hotel opened its doors in April 1989. The building was formerly used by an old Amsterdam gold trading company, while the beautiful reception and lobby were once a theater, built in 1908 in Art-Deco style. The RHO hotel is located in the heart of the old city in a quiet side street, a few steps from the historic DAM square, location of Pride Amsterdam’s Closing Party.

Our host hotel is centrally located between Amsterdam’s two main gay districts and will be a prime spot in the center of all the pride street parties and events. Despite being situated right in the heart of the city, its side street location means the hotel is sheltered from most of the hustle and bustle, and is also within the boundaries of Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District (De Wallen).

All of the rooms at RHO Hotel have a private bathroom with a shower, plus free Wi-Fi, a safe, satellite TV and a refrigerator. The rooms are modern, comfortable and non-smoking.

Complimentary daily breakfast is served each morning in the dining room overlooking Dam Square. It includes a selection of bread, cereals and a selection of warm dishes.

RHO Hotel Amsterdam: www.rhohotel.com/en/

Zeedijk and Warmoesstraat (Amsterdam’s Gay Districts)

While the entire city of Amsterdam should be considered as one big gay district, the area around Zeedijk and Warmoesstraat remains one of the most intensive hubs of LGBTQ+ friendly shops and nightlife. Located at the edge of the Red Light District, the Zeedijk has a rich past. Initially a notorious port of call for sailors, it still maintains a global feel, but that’s primarily because it is now one of the key streets in Amsterdam’s Chinatown. But this street was also home to the first gay & lesbian bar in the Netherlands. Café ‘t Mandje opened its doors in 1927, operated by local lesbian Bet van Beeren and family members, until it closed in the early 1980s. However, the interior of the bar was preserved by the family and the bar reopened in 2007. Today it remains a central point within the city’s scene, while the Queen’s Head is home of the infamous Drag Bingo. You’ll also find the ES Collection shop at Zeedijk 61.

The Warmoesstraat remains a dedicated home for many revelers too. At the softer side of the spectrum, Getto provides a cosy and relaxed “open to all” atmosphere while serving cocktails and burgers named after drag queens. The street is also a focal point for Amsterdam’s leather scene, housing bars and clubs such as The Eagle, Argos and Dirty Dicks.

Gay Amsterdam

Known for its nightlife and liberal attitude towards sex and partying, gay Amsterdam is the perfect end to our Pride to Pride cruise. Given its open-mindedness, it’s no surprise that the city offers a number of unforgettable gayfriendly experiences, including the only Gay Pride parade on water. Reguliersdwarsstraat, located in the old city center, is a vibrant, gay-friendly street that serves as a center for gay clubs, restaurants and other LGBTQ+ venues. After a day of shopping and dining, OUTbounders can let loose at clubs like Funhouse and Club Church, which host lavish parties once the sun goes down. No matter how you choose to celebrate your pride, know that Amsterdam boasts one of Europe’s most vibrant and inclusive gay scenes and has some of the best clubs and bars in the world, offering OUTbounders a truly unique and exciting visit.

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