Travel Like An Amazing Racer

Jaymes competed on Season 21 of The Amazing Race and made it all the way to the finale. After crossing the globe to China, Bangladesh, Turkey, France, and more here are his


Put Your Phone Down & Look

One of the best parts of The Amazing Race is that they take your phone away from you. Of course it makes directions harder but it also makes you really take everything in. That’s not to say don’t take pictures and make videos. Totally do that, but don’t let that be all you do. Get the pic, then put the phone down and get in the moment.

I have the most vivid memories of things like speeding through the canals of Amsterdam, running past the Kremlin in Russia, and playing at the steps of a Castle in France all because my eyes were free of my phone and I could really take it all in.

Learn the Basics

When it comes to the language of where you are visiting a little can go a long way. I can’t tell you how far “terima kasih”, “dank je,” and “merci,” all ways to say “thank you” went while racing around the world. It feels nice when someone shows gratitude right? And when they say it in your native tongue it shows an extra level of effort. Beyond that I tried to always learn “hello,” “can you help me find,” “excuse me,” and the words for destinations like “pier,” “church,” etc. It helps you and the person you are interacting with.

It’s also very good for you to put yourself in this position, so next time someone comes up to you back home and they’re trying their best to speak your language, you remember what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Pack Right & Pack Light

My Dad was a Marine so he taught me how to pack like a marine. That means, roll your clothes to save space, and less is more. Do I really need 7 formal outfits for a 6 night trip? Or 15 pairs of swim trunks for the pool when I already know I’m just going to wear my favorite pair everyday anyway? Include your faves, and a backup, but don’t go overboard. Plus you want to leave room for souvenirs anyway. I’ll forego an extra pair of shoes to bring back a cool momento any day.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sure you probably wouldn’t eat that back home, but that’s all the more reason to try it there! I had a frog Fallopian tube delicacy in Shanghai that I can’t say I even knew existed before we were there on the race. But I tried it! And I’m glad I did. Do I need it again though? Probably not. But that also applies to trying an activity you might not usually do, or an outfit you might not usually wear. Go for it! That’s all part of the adventure.


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