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All Inclusive

  • All Meals & Alcoholic Drinks Included
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Croatia, Montenegro & the Adriatic Sea

Trip Highlights

  • Overnight in Dubrovnik!
  • Island Hopping from Split, Hvar & Vis!
  • Full Day in Kotor!

Trip Snapshot

Discover the treasures of the Adriatic on this OUTbound journey that combines all the wonders of the Dalmatian Coast. Immerse yourself in the ancient past and breathtaking beauty of Croatia and Montenegro. We’ll spend our first night anchored outside the magnificent walled city of Dubrovnik. Marvel at Šibenik’s ancient ruins and explore Split’s archaeological marvels before ending with a walk through Kotor’s medieval streets.


Where city meets coastline, you will arrive in this beautiful 12th century walled city in Croatia. From the moment you step beyond the stone walls that protect Dubrovnik, you’ll understand what makes it so special. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is adorned with charming squares and centuries-old red-roofed buildings. Walk the walls for a spectacular view of the city, and maybe even dare to recreate your own ‘walk of shame’ as seen on HBO’s “Game of Thrones”!


See Island Korčula and its historic Old Town, overlooking the breathtaking Dalmatian archipelago. Korčula has a lot to offer its visitors. See and experience its art, history, culture, traditional crafts, and sword dances. No OUTbound visit to Korčula would be complete without learning about its most famous inhabitant, Marco Polo.


A must see in the old part of Šibenik is the Cathedral Sveti Jakov, and if you love the great outdoors, then visit Krka National Park. One of the best ways to see Šibenik is to lose yourself in the side streets and alleys that lead to charming shops and squares. Be sure to take a break at one of the city’s many restaurants and enjoy a local red wine babić paired with some fresh Adriatic seafood.


Lined with palm trees, this Adriatic seaside town is also a cultural mecca. Split’s Old City is so otherworldly that it’s been dedicated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll encounter the most imposing Roman ruins left on Earth, including the Diocletian’s Palace, which was built for the Roman Emperor. The Cathedral of St. Domnius stands as one of the most pristine and preserved examples of ancient Roman architecture in the world. And for a breathtaking, all-encompassing view of Split you won’t soon forget, head to Marajan Hill just outside the city.


Condé Nast travel magazine called Hvar “one of the best 10 islands in the world”. “The Lavender Island” is Croatia’s most luxurious island, the sunniest place in the country, and its most popular tourist destination along with Dubrovnik. Your day here can include exploring a castle, visiting the oldest theatre in Europe, tasting spectacular local delicacies, or stopping at an ancient olive grove to learn about what Homer called “liquid gold”.


A visit to Kotor offers up some of the most well-preserved architecture in all the Adriatic, with landmarks such as the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, built in 1166. The town’s history dates back before the epic age of Homer, but it’s the medieval wonders in Old Kotor that draw acclaim today. Marbled avenues meander with no apparent order, leading to rewarding surprises around every corner. Old churches, shops, and bars line the avenues, so don’t be surprised to wander upon a charming piazza right around the next corner!


The Adriatic Coast has enchanted visitors for centuries. We’re venturing OUTbound on a breath-taking journey throughout the beautiful landscapes of the Dalmatian Coast. Join us as we dive into warm summer waves and enjoy the alluring beaches of the Croatian coastline. Along the way we’ll explore the medieval strongholds of Dubrovnik and Kotor, and visit the appealing islands of Hvar and Korčula, where dramatic limestone cliffs rise from the deep blue waters below. Our summer on the Adriatic offers clear blue waters, medieval architecture, stunning sunsets and charming shoreline vineyards. Head OUTbound with us to experience the tranquil and authentic flavors of Croatia, Montenegro, and all the riches of this fabled region.

Day 1 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Welcome to the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik. After checking into your stateroom and freshening up, it’s time to head OUTbound and explore this living fairy tale town on your own. Within the ramparts, Old Town is a fun jumble of steep alleys, al fresco cafés, and vast pedestrian squares. Narrow cobbled alleys line the main pedestrian street, the Stradun, and the walls that surround the city form an ideal walking tour from which to see the sunset. Your evening can be spent listening to live bands, sipping drinks in local bars, or eating in one of the many restaurants lining the harbor. Just be sure to make it back to our ship this evening where you’ll meet your hosts, fellow OUTbounders, and raise a glass during our welcome aboard party.

Day 2 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

The sense of awe never fails when you set eyes on the beauty of the Old Town. It’s hard not to be impressed by the city’s limestone streets, baroque buildings and the endless shimmer of the Adriatic. The city exudes romantic charm and beautiful scenery with its marble streets, centuries-old buildings capped by bright orange roofs and hidden beaches ensconced between awesome rocky ledges. Take time to appreciate some of Dubrovnik’s more recent history at Sponza Palace and its open-air atrium, home to the Dubrovnik National Archives.

Dubrovnik Excursion

Today we’ll host a guided tour of this magnificent city. We’ll visit the historic Pile Gate, the main entrance to the Old Town built in the 15th century. Walking further along the Stradun, we will see Sponza Palace, which survived the great 1667 earthquake and is a rare example of the Renaissance style architecture in Dubrovnik. Further along we’ll see the 15th century Onofrio’s Fountain and stop inside the Dominican Monastery. The rest of the afternoon and evening are yours to explore even more of this incredible city on your own.

Day 3 – Mljet & Korčula, Croatia

This morning we’ll visit Mljet, home of the mythical Odysseus Cave. According to legend, after being shipwrecked on Mljet, Odysseus found refuge in this cave where he met the nymph Calypso and remained under her captivity for seven years. This hidden spot provides one of the most striking swimming caves in the world. Next up, we’ll see the island of Korčula, rich in vineyards, olive groves and small villages. Korčula is also home to a glorious old town and dense pine forests that led the original Greek settlers to name the island Korkyra Melaina (Black Corfu).

Korčula Excursion

This afternoon we’re OUTbound on a buggy safari in Korčula. We’ll drive from the island’s 14th century town center through gorgeous landscapes and quiet villages including Lumbarda, Smokvica, Čara and Vela Luka. At the conclusion of our drive through the island’s olive groves and vineyards, we’ll indulge in a tasting of local products.

Day 4 – Šibenik, Croatia

For a taste of “Game of Thrones” architecture, Šibenik stuns with other-world majesty. Šibenik has a magnificent medieval heart, gleaming white against the placid waters of the bay. The town is filled with alleys that crisscross white stone structures and towers, begging visitors to get lost among the cobblestone nooks, hidden gardens and secret food stalls. The stone labyrinth of steep backstreets and alleys are a joy to explore. Climb the remains of St. Michael’s Fortress for a bird’s eye view of the town including red tiled roofs, the domed 15th century basilica and sunsets over the sea.

Šibenik Excursion

Enjoy an OUTbound tour of Šibenik, the oldest Slavic city on the Dalmatian Coast. Šibenik is a hidden gem bursting with culture. We’ll climb the remains of St. Michael’s Fortress, tour Šibenik’s endless winding streets, and see the Cathedral of St. James that sits at the heart of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finally, we’ll visit Krka National Park and its lush forests, winding hiking trails and waterfalls with cool emerald water where you can actually dive right in!

Day 5 – Trogir & Split, Croatia

Gorgeous Trogir is set within medieval walls on a tiny island, linked by bridges to the mainland. During the summer, locals gravitate to the wide seaside promenade lined with bars, cafés and yachts. The Old Town has retained many intact and beautiful buildings from its age of glory between the 13th and 15th centuries. In the afternoon we’ll sail OUTbound for Split, which has some of the best Roman ruins this side of Italy. A maze of narrow alleys is home to fashionable boutiques, galleries, and wonderfully atmospheric cafés. Croatia’s secondlargest city is a great place to see Dalmatian life up close. Always buzzing, this exuberant city has just the right balance between tradition and modernity. Step inside the Diocletian’s Palace and you’ll see dozens of bars, restaurants and shops thriving amid the atmospheric old walls where Split has been humming along for thousands of years. The city is yours to explore for as long as you’d like as our ship remains docked here overnight.

Trogir Excursion

Our tour will begin at the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, built in 1213. The cathedral’s bell tower was added later between the 14th and 16th centuries, and can be climbed to see fantastic views from the top. Next we’ll pass parts of the surviving city wall and make a stop at the ancient City Gate, built in 1593. Along the way we’ll also see the Ćipiko Palace, home to the town’s noble family in the 15th century.

Split Excursion

Come with us for a tour of Split, a young city where life is bursting around the Diocletian’s Palace. We’ll tour Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace, built for the Emperor in 295 AD. Next we’ll pass through Peristil Square, originally used for celebrations to honor Diocletian as the living son of Jupiter. Across from the steps of the square is Luxor Café & Restaurant, one of the oldest bars in the city and named for the Egyptian city of Luxor. Several stone sphinxes constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III still sit within the Square. Finally, we’ll visit Diocletian’s Mausoleum, also known as the Cathedral of St. Domnius.

Day 6 – Hvar & Vis, Croatia

Hvar is known for its excellent wines, stony terraces and smattering of fragrant lavender fields. The island has recently gained a certain hip “Croatian Riviera” buzz, turning this tiny Dalmatian fishing village into one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. The setting is undeniably gorgeous. Next up, we visit Vis, the most mysterious of Croatia’s islands, housing an old military base and fortress. The island was closed off to visitors from World War II until 1990, leaving pristine beaches, Greek and Roman ruins, and Venetian architecture largely untouched by modern hands. International and local travelers alike now flock to Vis, seeking authenticity, nature, gourmet delights and peace and quiet. That’s only increased following the 2018 release of the movie “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”, filmed on the island.

Hvar Excursion

We’re OUTbound this morning for a tour of Hvar and the Španjola Fortress, sitting high above the town and providing the most picturesque view of the island. Overlooking the red roofs and white-washed walls of the Old Town, with the glistening turquoise waters of the Pakleni Islands in the distance, this view will forever be etched in our memory. Lastly, see why this island is fast becoming known for its wineries. Clearly grapes love the island’s perfect combination of wind and sunshine!

Vis Excursion

Because the locals were forced to be self-sustaining for more than 50 years, there’s plenty of fresh fish, produce, and wineries producing batches of local wine from grapes native to Vis. We’ll see that Vis has its own distinct grape, the Vugava, a white variety that’s been cultivated here since ancient times. We’ll complete our tour of this tiny island feeling as though we’ve discovered a hidden gem frozen in time.

Day 7 – Kotor, Montenegro

Gorgeous. Breathtaking. Majestic. However hefty your thesaurus, the beauty of the Bay of Kotor will leave you at a loss for words. Located on a beautiful bay on the coast of Montenegro, Kotor is a city steeped in tradition and history, with remarkable scenic views. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old City was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and is filled with medieval architecture and historic monuments. Make time to walk along the sapphire waters rolling onto the brilliant white beaches of Montenegro, where some of the oldest city walls and medieval monuments in the Balkans welcome us.

Kotor Excursion

Spend the day with us traversing the medieval streets of this historic town. Pass by Venetian walls constructed in 1420 en route to the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, built in 1166. Notice its mismatched towers, the result of an earthquake and a budget too small to rebuild properly. Included on our walking tour is a visit to the Maritime Museum, which documents Kotor’s rich heritage.

Day 8 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

This morning we’re back where it all started… Dubrovnik. Enjoy one last buffet breakfast onboard before disembarking. Choose to spend a few extra days basking in the Dalmatian sun, further exploring this historic city and surrounding region. If Dubrovnik is the end of your OUTbound journey, transfers to the airport from our ship will be made available.

Larnaca Transfers

Direct transfers from our ship to Larnaca International Airport (LCA) are available.

The Ship

Ship Specifics

  • Coastal Ship
  • Five (5) Decks
  • 194 Passengers / 97 Staterooms
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

MV La Belle de l’Adriatique

The MV La Belle de l’Adriatique, completely renovated in 2017, is a unique ship that combines modern and state-of-the-art technology while still preserving its old-world charm. As a coastal ship, the La Belle is capable of anchoring in ports inaccessible to other larger, ocean-going vessels.

Enjoy the sensational landscapes we sail past from your lounge chair up on the Sun Deck, relaxing in one of the jacuzzis with friends and a drink, or even from the comfort of your own stateroom if you’re looking for a little quiet time to yourself.

The cabins are spread across four main decks. The majority are twins that can be configured as doubles. Staterooms on the Upper and Reception Decks have two large panoramic windows, while staterooms on the Main and Lower Decks have two large portholes. All staterooms are equipped with showers and toilets, climate control thermostats, hair dryers, satellite TV, radios and safes.

The ship has a cozy atmosphere with a piano bar and outdoor terrace on the Upper Deck. The main Panoramic Lounge, with a dance floor and bar, is situated forward on the Reception Deck, and the dining room is found aft on the Main Deck. The MV La Belle de l’Adriatique prides itself on its French heritage, which is reflected in its service and of course the cuisine.

Mixed drinks, wine, beer, sodas, fruit juice, water and coffee are all included.

Panoramic Lounge

The tastefully decorated Panoramic Lounge, located at the front of the ship, was named for the superb views of the passing coastlines that guests will enjoy courtesy of the oversized windows. Intimate seating areas are peppered throughout the open floor plan, allowing you the choice of going all in with the group or enjoying a little private time between you and a smaller gathering of friends. Enjoy cocktails, dancing, games and nightly entertainment in this picturesque setting.

Main Bar 

Enjoy a cocktail at the main bar with us while watching a spectacular sunset together. Located within the Panoramic Lounge, you’ll find originality and innovation, with a new twist on the ol’ purveyors of gin and tonics and buckets of beer. This is the place where, time and again, you’ll spend an enjoyable evening nursing a cocktail with great friends, old and new! Whether you’re in the mood for a mixed drink or glass of wine, we invite you to join us and enjoy one of best bars at sea with your fellow OUTbounders. Who knows, you may even convince Deiler or Javier to jump behind the bar long enough to whip up one of their famous specialty drinks!

Piano Bar

By day the Piano Bar is a place to get away, play a hand of cards with friends, read a book or just enjoy some “you” time away from the shenanigans up on the Sun Deck.

As night falls, unwind with a cocktail in hand surrounded by friends. The piano sits in the middle of this cozy space, where OUTbounders can relax, hear about the day’s activities, learn about what’s coming next, and listen to the night’s special entertainment. The Piano Bar is the hot spot for late-night entertainment with jovial sing-alongs and sometimes nutty piano players dedicated to giving everyone a good time


Located on the Main Deck, the restaurant comfortably seats all our OUTbounders at tables which vary in size with a panoramic view. The atmosphere is casual but elegant. The selection and presentation of the food is outstanding, and you’ll find the quality of service is unmatched. The food is incredible, every meal every day. You’ll enjoy plenty of fish, fruits and vegetables with every meal and be impressed by how fresh everything is. In fact, the only frozen item is ice cream! You’ll have plenty of healthy choices to choose from, and loads of unhealthy ones, too! 

Terrace Hideaway

Located at the back of the ship, you can easily meet up with friends and relax while enjoying the view. This al fresco hideaway at the stern is the perfect casual spot for relaxing in the sunshine during the day if the Sun Deck is a little too social for your taste. Just grab your drink and enjoy the ocean views in this charming little oasis on the high seas.

Sun Deck

The Sun Deck is much more than the place to soak in a jacuzzi, savor a cocktail or catch some rays. It’s also the perfect way to spend your afternoon enjoying a panoramic view of the magnificent landscapes. The Sun Deck on the MV La Belle de l’Adriatique is ringed by comfortable lounges with two large side-by-side whirlpools overlooking the bow of the ship.

A gorgeous outdoor living area also has a huge canopy near the rooftop bar, perfect for OUTbounders who prefer a little shade mixed in with their fun in the sun. And you’re never far from a place to grab a drink with the fully stocked Sun Deck Bar. Outdoor relaxation and entertainment are priorities when cruising, and the La Belle delivers the perfect venue with which to enjoy the warm sun on your back and lulling sounds of ocean waves


After a long day in port, give into temptation and head for one of the La Belle’s hot tubs up on the Sun Deck. Rest, relax and socialize with your fellow OUTbounders in one of the two jacuzzis while enjoying the beautiful landscapes passing you by, just out of touch.


Book today & pick whichever payment plan fits your budget best!

Choose from either convenient quarterly payments or spread your payments out over monthly installments. Either way, OUTbound has a payment plan designed to fit every budget!

Upper Deck Staterooms
Starting at $4,397 per person

Every stateroom located on the Upper Deck measures 155sqft and features two large panoramic windows that let in the perfect amount of light, welcoming in the golden summer sunshine as we sail along the Dalmatian Coast from island to island. Your private bathroom is designed to rejuvenate you after an exciting day exploring. Enjoy a shower complete with indulgent toiletries before settling into your queen or twin hotel-style bed, complete with luscious linens, as you enjoy a movie on your flat screen TV and infotainment system. Storage space includes a full-length wardrobe closet with room for hanging clothes on one side and shelves and a cabinet (with a safe) on the other, and there’s extra room under the bed for suitcases.

Embarkation Deck Staterooms
Starting at $3,997 per person

Staterooms located on the Embarkation Deck all two full picture windows that provide unspoiled panoramic vistas of the Adriatic Sea and breathtaking ports we’ll visit. Lay back in your 155sqft stateroom and watch a film on your flat screen TV and infotainment system, or enjoy the space as you ponder an exciting day ahead. Your luxurious bathroom features a shower complete with decadent toiletries, perfect for unwinding after an unforgettable day OUTbound. Your queen-size bed can convert to two twin hotel-style beds, draped in high quality linens.

Main Deck Staterooms
Starting at $3,497 per person

Staterooms located on the Main Deck are 155sqft and have two large portholes that provide unspoiled views. Each Main Deck stateroom surrounds you with elegant décor and opulent, comfortable furnishings. Storage space includes a full-length wardrobe closet with room for hanging clothes on one side and shelves and a cabinet (with a safe) on the other, and there’s extra room under the bed for suitcases. The hotel-like queen-sized bed can be reconfigured into two twins if you prefer.

Lower Deck Staterooms
Starting at $2,797 per person

Your spacious 155sqft Lower Deck stateroom has two large portholes and offers everything you could possibly need throughout your Adriatic cruise and more. There’s plenty of storage space with a full-length wardrobe closet for hanging clothes on one side and shelves and a cabinet (with a safe) on the other. There’s also extra room under the bed for shoes, suitcases and any souvenirs you’ll pick up along the way. When it’s time for bed, you can look forward to the exceptional comfort of your queen-size or twin hotel-style bed, complete with luxurious linens. Treat yourself to an indulgent shower with luxury toiletries, to really prepare yourself for an great night’s sleep.

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